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Nasal Washer Kit (NWK49)
An accessories can be modifying your nebulizer into an effective and comfortable nasal washer.

Nasal Washer Kit Elvasense NWK49 is an accessories/ nasal washer that must be connected to the Elvasense Nebulizer.
The accessories can be modifying nebulizer into an effective and comfortable nasal washer. Specially designed to treat and clean the nasal cavity for children and adults. It can be used with saline solution (NaCl) or medicine as prescribed by a doctor, or using with mineral water for aerosol therapy.
Effective and comfortable to clean of the nasal cavity and help relieve nasal cavity infection, sinuses, nasal congestion and colds/ flu.
The chamber of nasal washer has been designed to adjacent chamber, one for the nebulizing solution and the other to outflowing solution, so, it doesn’t mix up when used.
:: The Nebulizer is sold separately ::
1 Kit Consists of:
·      1 Nasal Washer Kit
·      3 Soft Nasal Adaptor (Small, Medium dan Large)
·      User’s Manual
How to Use:
1.     Open the chamber’s cover (included nasal adaptor) and pour saline solution/ liquid medicine (prescribed by a doctor) into the nebulizing solution chamber (marked with word “max”)
2.     Put the nasal adaptor accorded required size
3.     Connect Nasal Washer Kit and Nebulizer with Connection tube and turn on the nebulizer machine.
4.     Place the nasal adaptor into one nostril (the other nostril doesn’t need to be closed)
5.     Press “ON/OFF” button to turn on the machine and breathe normally while cleaning is running
6.     Clean and dry the device (nasal washer chamber and nasal adaptor) finished using.

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