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Elvasense Nebulizer (NEB39)
Air compressor nebulizer with dual speed features for lower breathing therapy, equipped with child and adult sized masks with a "one-way air valve system" system which is smooth and comfortable and an ergonomic design with a firm grip.

Elvasense NEB39 is an air compressor nebulizer for respiratory therapy. It can be used by children and adults which has double speed feature so the speed of air flow can be adjusted to create more effective therapy. The particle size has been standardized by TUV (4.01 – 4.08 µm).
Nebulizer Elvasense NEB39 has an ergonomic design European product standard, reliable engine so can be used continuously and equipped with a comfortable handle, high quality of air filter is made by POREX®️ Germany, masks with one-way air valve system are made soft material and comfortable when used.
1 Kit Consists of: 
          Nebulizer NEB39
          RF8 Dual Speed NEB Kit + Connection tube
          Adult Soft Touch Face Mask
          Pediatric Soft Touch Face Mask 
          Air Filter
          User’s Manual
          Nebulizer Bag
          Accessories Bag

Download Elvasense Mobile Application to use with Elvasense Smartphone Connect.

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